Lessons and Wellness

My latest episode has taught me some new things but mostly re-affirmed old things.

I talk about the importance of knowing oneself but for me the hard part seems to be acceptance. Despite history and Professional advice I have found it hard to accept there are things I just can’t do.

Once again, unfortunately, as the season approached and my states started amping up I made the wrong choice of trying to fight IT. IT wasn’t going to win this time. I tried: learning more; getting more involved; donating money and time; helping others; media and more socializing. Anything to distract my mind.

The harder I tried the worse IT got because I was focusing on everything about my illness not wellness. I was doing exactly what I shouldn’t have been doing at the time for ME.

Once IT got away from me I was no longer aware of the intensity and I was doing just fine – and then…

I thank my family, friends and Professionals in my life for their help and support. They reminded me these very important lessons: know myself; accept there are things I just can’t do; be vigilante with wellness.


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